Nothing can harm me at all
My worries seem so very small
With my waterfall

I can see
My rainbow calling me
Through the misty breeze
Of my waterfall

Some people say
Daydreaming’s for all the
Lazy minded fools
With nothin’ else to do
So let them laugh, laugh at me
So just as long as I have you
To see me through
As long as I have you

Don’t ever change your ways
Fall with me for a million days
Oh, my waterfall

…..Jimi Hendrix

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People the world over are drawn to the mesmerizing grandeur, beauty and power of waterfalls. Our company custom designs and installs natural rock boulder waterfalls on your own premises, be it residential or commercial.
The commanding presence of one of our waterfalls is a compelling attraction for family, friends or visitors and, when applicable, for customers who delight in the soothing and relaxing ambience of silvery water cascading down the face of these graceful rock formations.
We are an innovative company that has captured and perfected the design and construction of highly unique natural rock boulder waterfalls in meticulous detail. Our large scale creations typically adorn upscale residential properties and, as an added after dark feature, you can enjoy the marriage of timeless natural beauty to modern technology with our totally original “Fireworks in Light” automatic computer programmed, super high intensity LED lighting system that transforms your waterfall into an awesome nighttime experience of light, sound and programmable music. 


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