eric-blum-waterfallDynamic Natural Rock Falls, Inc. is a company based in the southwest Florida gulf coast city of Punta Gorda, Florida. Its President is Eric Blum and all innovative design concepts and on-site install construction is personally supervised by him. He’s quite personable and openly embraces much client communicative interaction and input in order to achieve and ensure the buyer’s best possible lifetime of pleasure and enjoyment with the ultimate finished creation.

He began as a builder of upscale residential properties in Florida twenty-five years ago and both of the prestigious architectural magazines detailed on this page depict an estate property his company built which contained the first waterfall feature he ever produced. He’s since made the transition to focusing exclusively on the design and construction of immense natural  rock boulder water features for which he has a particular talent and passion.

In addition to engineering the intricate on-site implementation of all of his creations, he’s become a pioneer in the highly inventive and revolutionary field of natural boulder waterfall design concepts. He and his crew perform like marble sculptors, but instead of hammer and chisel hand tools, they utilize heavy construction equipment to sculpt and mold their 2,000 pound natural boulder achievements.

This residence depicted in the articles is located in the exclusive community of Gables Estates in Miami, Florida. It features over ten-thousand square feet in overall size, a large pool/waterfall patio and an eight thousand gallon salt water aquarium. To this day, he’s still very proud of that initial accomplishment in that this project was featured on the covers of two of architectural real estate’s most prominent, prestigious magazine publications … “Florida Architecture” (45th annual edition) and “Homes International” (Sept./Oct., 1983 edition) … please click on the magazine name links to open a PDF file of each article. These are large files and will take a brief time to fully download. This photo (as well as others you will find on parts of this page) have been electronically scanned directly from the various original magazines referred to on this page … consequently the reason for some of the reduction in the photos’ quality.

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These re-created NATURAL BOULDER waterfall phenomena add immeasurable beauty and real estate value wherever they’re situated. These masterful reproductions of Mother Nature at her finest require meticulous dedicated attention to detail and we work diligently to create a finished product that meets or exceeds our customers’ highest expectations!  Our goal is to build a center of attention that will provide and span a lifetime of profound enjoyment and satisfaction!

We use only the finest natural materials and components, never cutting corners and always go “the extra mile” to meet our exacting standards.  Our key signature boulder source material is comprised of an extremely rare, color rich, compacted sandstone/limestone composition that, owing to its truly unique semi-porous, sometimes coarse rock-face surface texture, allows for extensive natural growth of native mosses, ferns and other flora and fauna formation (please see accompanying photo verifications.)

There’s no other known similarly perfect boulder type substitution for us to accomplish these matchless types of waterfall endeavors. In fact, if one were to compare the commonly available, very hard, dull colored, non porous, volcanic igneous type of rock material to ours, the finished products’ beneficial differences would be like comparing night and day; absolutely no valid comparison whatsoever! As a result, each one of our final creations takes on a specific identity that can never, ever be duplicated because just as in human fingerprints, or even in the now more thorough and forensic favored “DNA” process, NO two rocks or boulders can possibly ever be the same (both in shape and character as well as in their final interactive placement with one another.)


The photos that you predominantly see on this site depict a 25 feet wide by 8 feet tall, 75+ tons, residential rear patio natural rock waterfall feature. It’s capable of generating 9,000 gallons of water per hour that pours down its mysterious nooks, recesses and crevasses (as a result of the selected boulders’ unique characteristic irregularities and careful placement.)

It’s pond-less in that all the flowing water is captured in a below ground containment vault and re-circulated via a submerged, totally silent pumping system that requires virtually no maintenance (other than possibly an annual, easily accessible cleaning that involves little more than draining the water.) Chlorine or other typically harsh swimming pool treatment chemicals are not favored by us as we alternatively prefer highly proven and readily available natural, organic water purification products so as to preserve the natural lush plant growth that accompanies our water feature creations.

The photos above highlight many of the complex natural boulder placements and interactions typical of a completed waterfall as variously described in several text descriptions throughout this website. Our work has been described in the news media as a “sculpture-like art-form that utilizes heavy-equipment placed multi-ton boulders instead of a typical sculptor’s hammer-and-chisel, single piece marble initiative.”

Our product is not a “do-it-yourself” type of activity simply because it’s so challenging and enormous in scope. It requires much costly special equipment and experience in order to bring it all to proper fruition. Professional plumbing and electrical services, as well as state of the art computer enhanced lighting are also implemented in order to conform to our rigid, high standards.

The most carefully sorted and ultimately selected boulders we utilize are the secrets to our success. They’re indigenous to a very few well hidden, sub-surface small areas of the southeastern United States. They possess more natural, innate “character” and “personality” than any other rock formations previously available for such a creative purpose. To our knowledge, they do not exist anywhere else in the World in this form and coloration (other than perhaps in protected national parks.)

The major “search and excavation” phase of these rock/boulder formations represents an exciting and adventurous component stage for us that adds to the mystique and challenges of these types of projects.  The initial discovery and subsequent extrication of the chosen boulder specimens from their originating locations of millions, or perhaps billions, of years ago in time is an awesome experience. Subsequent processing and transformation into the captivating marvels of relaxation, tranquility and spectacle that they’ll  become on private properties generates a unique experience for all of us.

The major “search and excavation” expedition phase of these rock/boulder formations represents both an exciting and adventurous component stage for us that adds to the mystique and challenges of these types of projects

Please make it a point to visit both our Daytime and Nighttime videos on this site to further explore the wonders of what we create.


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